Nonwoven Laminated Ultrasonic Bag

Substrates of Nonwoven laminated ultrasonic bag

Lamination provides NWPP with a strong, puncture resistant top layer, making it a smooth and beautiful bag. Once laminated, NWPP weighs 120 GSM, making it more durable and durable. Actually, for any organization, this is the best choice for shopping bags, promotional bags or customized bags. Particularly, the laminated bag starts from the white base (substrate). Then, four color graphics are printed on a thin layer of polypropylene film and laminated on top of the substrate. Subsequently, the top layer forms a permanent seal by thermal bonding. Finally, the panel is precisely cut and stitched after printing.

Know more about Nonwoven laminated ultrasonic

Generally, making the nonwoven laminated ultrasonic bag needs non-woven materials. This material consists of fibers that are held together by ultrasonic welding. This kind of bag is very strong and can be used for various purposes.

What does YABAO can provide?

Good material – New raw material, safety and eco-friendly,
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High toughness – Texture closely, good raw material, safety and recyclable,
Strong bearing capacity – Texture closely, good raw material, safety and recyclable,
Work fine – Sewing smooth, stitch density, Thrum clean, goodbearing,
After sales service well – 12 Hours customer service on line, help you solve all the questions.

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