Elastic 100% PP Nonwoven Fabric

YABAO, pp spunbond nonwoven fabrics melt blown professional manufacturer, involves this business with more than 18 years of experience. Meanwhile, we have more than 10 spunbond production lines and various automatic processing machines. Our production capacity can reach at least 1,800 tons/month. Especially, YABAO is production of non-woven fabric products, such as non-woven bags, tablecloths, bed-sheets, masks, etc. Proudly the strict quality control conforms to ISO9001:2008 and SGS standards. Elastic 100% PP nonwoven fabric has been recognized and praised by overseas customers due to its quality and lower prices.

Features of Elastic 100% PP nonwoven fabric

1. PP elastic nonwoven fabrics is fast tensioning without damaging the thread;
2. This kind of pp nonwoven also own faster tension stabilization;
3. Elastic pp non woven fabrics already are improved fabric strength and super high elasticity;
4. It is also high tension threshold and breaking point;
5. Additionally, its tension loss is small during the stretching process;

New developed elastic composited nonwoven fabrics from YABAO

High elastic PP fibers and low melting point polyester (LMPET) fiber are mixed in different proportions to form a buffered composite nonwoven fabric. Next, the use of hot pressing enables the combination of the fabric and the elastic polymer film. The mechanical and cushioning properties of the composite are evaluated according to the mixing ratio and the thickness of the composite. According to interface observation and peeling test results, nonwoven fabric and polymer film are firmly bonded.

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