Embossed Bag Nonwoven Fabric

What is embossed nonwoven fabrics?

Embossing is a process. Any type of fabric or leather can be pressed by embossing or engraving rollers to leave a pattern. Usually heating is required, and the non woven fabric usually helps to maintain the pattern. Meanwhile, a large number of nonwoven fabrics can be embossed. Actually, the embossed pattern can be crepe, jacquard or one of many other designs. Especially, embossed bag nonwoven fabric as main product already win the oversea customers.

Advantages of nonwoven embossed fabrics

Oversea customers likes various patterns of non-woven embossed fabrics are because of their economy and practicality. Hereby, let’s list embossed bag nonwoven fabric benefits below:
1. The non-woven embossed fabric is disposable and can be thrown away when not needed.
2. Additionally, it is also light and beautiful.
3. This embossed non woven is environmental protection of materials.
4. Absolutly the nonwoven embossed fabric is easy to clean.
5. Certainly, it can be reused for many times.

What does YABAO provide?

Proudly, YABAO as trusted embossed bag nonwoven fabrics manufacturer in China, already provides more for our loyalty customers.
1. Firstly, the perfect management system and rich production experience make our product quality excellent.
2. Depend on professional design team, specializing in the design of new products. Paricularly, we provide OEM and ODM customization services.
3. Thirdly, advanced production line, strict product quality monitoring and inspection. Proudly, our non woven fabrics meet international standards, such as ISO, SGS and CE.
4. Finally, we have many years of export experience to ensure that orders are delivered to you on time.

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