Dot PP Non Woven Bags Material

YABAO is a leading manufacturer of non-woven fabrics, with a stable supply chain. Especially, YABAO is specialized in producing spunbonded non-woven fabrics, printed non-woven fabrics, pp non-woven fabrics, etc. Referring to dot pp non-woven bags material, Let us have a read below.

What is Dot pp non woven bags material?

Non woven fabrics and woven polypropylene are made of the same type of plastic resin, but they are formed in different ways. Polypropylene is a kind of plastic. NWPP (Nonwoven PP) is a plastic fabric made of thermoplastic polymers and spun into a material thread that is thermally bonded together. The finished NWPP fabric feels soft, unlike plastic at all. Nonwoven PP is made of polypropylene polymer. It is spun into fluffy long threads, such as cotton candy, by heating and air, and then pressed together between hot rollers to obtain a soft but strong fabric similar to canvas.

Advantages of Dot pp non-woven bags material

1. Waterproof, so the contents remain dry in rainy days.
2. hundred percent reusable and recyclable.
3. Machine washable and hygienic.
4. Easy to print – 100% full color coverage.
5. It is more economical than natural fiber, so suitable for enterprises.
6. It can be used for bags of any style, size, shape or design.
7. Provide in various thicknesses. (e.g. 80gms, 100gms, 120gms are available.)

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