Nonwoven Flat Bag

How nonwoven flat bags made?

Nonwoven flat bag is made through a process of layering and bonding fibers together. This is accomplished through the use of heat, pressure, and adhesives. The non-woven fibers are first laid down in a random pattern, and then a bonding agent is applied. This mixture of fibers and bonding agent is then placed into a heating and pressing unit, where it is heated and pressed together. The end result is a bag made from multiple layers of fiber that is both strong and durable.

Benefits of using nonwoven flat bags

1. Nonwoven flat bag offers a number of benefits for retailers and consumers alike. For retailers, they are an inexpensive way to package products.
2. And also they can be printed with marketing information or store logos.
3. In addition, they are also lightweight and easy to store, which reduces shipping costs.
4. For consumers, nonwoven flat bags are easy to use and can be recycled.

YABAO, Trusted non-woven facbrics manufacturer

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