Cooler Bag

YABAO Nonwovens Products Co., Ltd. We are a leading China manufacturer and supplier of non-woven fabrics. Especially, we are specialized in producing spunbond non-woven fabrics, printed non-woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics cooler bags, etc. Meanwhile, nonwoven fabrics cooler bag is also our main product to sale oversea market. Cooler bag is a kind of bag with high-heat insulation and constant temperatureeffect, which is convenient to carry and suitable for holiday outing and family picnic. Sometimes, we also call it as lunch bags.

Cooler bag functions

The cooler bag provides a solution to the troublesome problem caused by the traditional cooler brings. This is why they are very suitable for backpacking or hiking. When you pack food and beverages in refrigerated bags, your food and beverages will stay cold all day. They also eliminate the problem of how to bring drinks, snacks and lunch to work, because some models can fill lunch boxes well.

Features of cooler bag

1. Keep fresh – cooler bags can keep breast milk fresh and ensure the baby to drink fresh milk
2. Cold insulation – powerful cold insulation function, long cold insulation time, ice bag can be put for assistance, and the effect is better
3. Keeping warm – Eating out is expensive and unhealthy. Taking your own food has become a fashionable choice for workers and students. This bag can keep your food warm anywhere for a long time
4. Preservation of drugs – food level environmental protection for preservation of drugs, you can safely store drugs

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