Embossed Gift Packing

YABAO is a trusted manufacturer of fabrics non woven, with a stable oversea supply chain. Particularly, YABAO is specialized in producing spunbond non-woven fabrics, printed nonwoven fabrics and embossed gift packing non-wovens. Meanwhile, we have exported our embossed non-woven gift wrapping to over 30+ countries.

Why choose embossed gift packing?

Multi-Colored non-woven embossed gift packings are ideal choice for florists and general gift packaging. Due to waterproof and non-permeable, non-woven fabrics packaging is an ideal packaging material for a bunch of beautiful flowers. In addition, mon woven sheets are also popular as attractive linings for gift baskets. Non woven fabric will not be crushed like ordinary tissue paper. Non woven packaging is available in a variety of colors, including glittering metal gold and silver packaging, which are very popular in Christmas and table center event decoration.

About embossed gift packing nonwoven fabrics

Embossing refers to adding patterns, designs or characters to non-woven fabrics through the process of pressurization and heating. Embossing, especially for embossed non woven fabrics, is an interesting craft project that can bring you some good effects. However, if you are looking for really high-end finishes, want embossed fabrics for special occasions, or need a large quantities of embossed gift packings fabrics, please contact YABAO for direct and high-quality services.

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