Nonwoven Bag

Plastic is rapidly becoming a kind of vulgarity in the environmental protection industry. Its production requires the use of non renewable resources, many types of plastics are difficult or impossible to recycle. And lightweight plastics can easily kill our wild animals in the sea as well known. So whether we may find out some safe material instead of plastics? PP nonwoven bag should be the good result.

PP nonwoven bag, you have to know

The pp nonwoven bag is a shopping bag made of non-woven polypropylene fabric. This kind of textile is made by spinning polypropylene into thread and then bonding it together by heating. This created a durable textile similar to canvas. It is cheap and light, and is a common substitute for disposable plastic bags. In fact, many retailers provide non-woven PP bags to customers at low or no cost, just like disposable plastic bags.

Benefits and types of nonwoven bag

There are many reasons why you can fall in love with nonwoven bag. Firstly, PP non-woven bags are more versatile than similar products of woven bags. Additionally, they can be used for a wider range of applications and provide more leeway for printing and customization options. Moreover many countries and organizations have begun to abandon plastic bags and use non-woven cloth bags instead, which is good news for the environment.

1. The non-woven bag has higher quality and large capacity, and can hold at least 20kg (45ib).
2. The nonwoven bags produced by YABAO can be customized according to customer needs, including material, color, printing, style, etc.
3. Various types of non-woven bag – nonwoven biodegradable handbag, die-cutting non-woven bag, t-shirt non-woven bags, drawstring non-woven bag, etc.

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