Embossed Nonwoven Fabric

YABAO Nonwovens Products Co., Ltd. We are a leading manufacturer of non-woven fabrics, with a stable supply chain. We are specialized in producing spunbonded non-woven fabrics, printed non-woven fabrics, embossed nonwoven fabric, etc. Non-woven fabric with dot pattern has the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxic, corrosion resistance, etc. We can use it to make shopping bags, home textiles (tablecloths, aprons, etc.), agriculture and industry.

Embossed nonwoven fabric

The utility model relates to an embossed nonwoven fabric, which has the texture characteristics and the fabric like softness and feel. It is suitable for wiping the surface on which there are water or oil containing liquids and more viscous semi-solid, the semi-solid includes a mesh containing at least one layer of overlapping cross fibers. In addition, it is an embossed pattern with intermittent intervals.

Old design of nonwoven fabrics

In the past, nonwoven fabrics including at least one layer of overlapping cross fibers have been used as wiping and cleaning materials. It is especially suitable for aqueous or oily liquid or more viscous semi-solid, such as water, syrup, aqueous solution, chemicals, oil, fat, wax, grease, cosmetics, etc.

Modern non-woven fabrics

However, as hopeness it always improve the performance and characteristics of existing commercial products. And also improve their wiping rate and cleaning efficiency in the case of wiping and cleaning materials. Embossed non-woven fabrics are more colorful and diverse than ordinary non-woven fabrics. It has many uses, such as flower packaging, shopping bags, home textiles, gift packaging.

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