Printed Mask Non-woven Fabric

Our printed mask non-woven fabric not only can be used in the production of masks, but also have a wide range of other uses of medical/health care. Such as disposable medical supplies, disposable bed sheets, surgical clothes, protective clothing, surgical covers, hats, shoe covers, medical curtains, etc.

Specification of printed mask non-woven fabrics

Mesh – It is normally expressed in terms of weave density ( or number of fibers). Mesh count is expressed in two ways: As the number of fibers in one inch (254cm); And as the number of fibers in one centimeter.
Diameter – Diameter expresses the diameter of non-woven fibers.
Opening – Opening refers to the space between fibers and is calculated from the number of fibers and the diameter.
Opening area percentage – Amount of process 1 mesh area takenup by opening (space) area expressed a percentage.

How different from non-woven fabric and woven fabrics?

Non-woven fabric is made from many different materials, such as rayon, cotton, and polypropylene. However, one of the most important differences between printed mask non-woven fabric and other types of fabric is the way it is made.
1. Nonwoven fabric is created by bonding the fibers together using heat, pressure, or a chemical agent.
2. This differs from woven fabric, which is made by weaving the individual threads together.

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