Dot Nonwoven Fabric For Apron

The dot nonwoven fabric for apron is a kind of polyester apron. Actually, it has a pocket, the size is customized size, and the neck and body can be adjusted. This product is very suitable for the hotel industry, or only suitable for use in your own kitchen. Additionally, the Apron is made from 80gsm non-woven fabric, making it easy to wash and great for everyday use.

Suggestion of choice of nonwoven fabrics

1. The apron should not feel heavy (that is, avoid using hardware or having too many buttons on the top);
2. Its neck strap, if any, should be an inch wide, so that it will not pierce your neck;
3. Especially, nonwoven fabric should not be thicker than jeans;

Benefits of YABAO nonwoven fabric apron

1. Disposable plastic non-woven aprons are very abundant. And also suitable for large parties or restaurants.
2. The round point non-woven fabric of apron is made of plastic, which can prevent clothes from being polluted by food and reduce your time and money for washing clothes; Disposable products can be thrown away directly after use, which is very convenient and useful.
3. The size of non-woven apron is suitable for most people; It is large enough to cover your clothes and prevent them from being bothered by lobster, crab and other meat juice food
4. wide-range is for nonwoven fabric apron – Such as home kitchens and kitchens for various restaurants, parties, ceremonies, weddings and graduation parties

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