Elastic Nonwoven Fabric

Elastic nonwoven fabric is a kind of product. Compared with the surface of traditional nonwoven fabric, it has excellent elongation/reversibility. Although the elasticity on the traditional nonwoven surface is about 30%, it can reach 300% on the elastic nonwoven surface. YABAO, as a trusted China manufacturer of non-woven fabrics, supplies spunbond nonwoven fabric, printed non-woven fabrics, elastic non-woven fabrics, etc. Meanwhile, we may ensure products quality with lower prices.

Elastic nonwoven fabric benefits

The elasticity from elastic nonwoven fabrics is the memory of fiber positioning, which generates tension. Therefore, high ductility of more than 200% and a mild retraction force are the main feature of this elastic nonwoven fabrics. So this characteristic of high ductility and low tensile strength has been applied to many products, enabling the wearer to stick and eliminate strain or allergy caused by elastic belt.

Methods of elastic nonwoven production

1. In particular huge mesh structures can be achieved by needling.
2. Actually, the elasticity of material due to uses of crimp fibers.
3. In melt-blown methods, the elastic nonwoven fibers are taken directly from the polymer.
4. Nonwoven surfaces are created by covering one or both sides of the surface with a chemical that sticks to the ground to form a film layer.

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