Embossed Nonwoven Fabric In Roll

YABAO owns 12 non-woven fabric production lines. And also we purchase a large number of raw materials, which can better reduce costs and stabilize fabric quality. Especially, we have excellent loading experience, saving customers’ transportation costs. As trusted non-woven fabrics manufacturer in China, we may supply bulk embossed nonwoven fabric in roll per years.

What fabrics may emboss?

Embossing refers to adding patterns, designs or characters to materials through the process of pressurization and heating. Almost any fabric can be embossed with patterns, patterns or words, including cotton, leather and pleats, polyester, velvet and wool. This high-end effect is better than other fabrics in some non-woven fabrics.

Application of embossed nonwoven fabric

The non-woven embossed fabric can be widely used in families, hotels, restaurants, parties, etc. Additionally, it can be used not only for tables, but also for walls, curtains, packaging bags, shopping bags, gift packaging, flower packaging, etc. Embossed nonwoven fabric in roll can be cut in accordance with customer requirements. Such as color, size, style, weight, packaging, custom printing.

Advantages between Embossed nonwoven and non-embossed fabrics

1. On a non-embossed surface, the entire face of the non-woven is exposed and susceptible to the abrading action. Therefore, more of the surface of nonwoven fabrics is abraded, leaving room for bacteria growth and stains.
2. Additionally, an abrasion will also be more obvious on a non-embossed finished nonwoven fabrics than on an embossed non woven fabric.
3. From the aesthetic point of view, the non embossed nonwoven is obviously bare and the color is monotonous. On the other hand, the Embossed nonwoven fabric has beautiful colors and colorful patterns, which are very popular with our oversea customers.

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