Dot PP Non Woven In Roll

YABAO is a leading manufacturer of non-woven fabrics, with a stable supply chain. Additionally, we are specialized in producing spunbonded non-woven fabrics, printed non-woven fabrics, mask non-woven fabrics, etc. The dot pp non woven in roll and embossed non-woven fabrics are main products and always statisfy to our oversea customers.

What is PP materials?

Polypropylene is a kind of plastic or saying a complex plastic, which is generally considered safe for human beings. Among the commercial plastics on the market today, polypropylene is considered to be one of the safest plastics. It is FDA approved for food contact, so you will find polypropylene in food containers, such as containers for yogurt, cream cheese and butter products. Because of its high heat resistance, it is often used for packaging food heated by microwave oven.

Let us distinguish dot pp non woven in roll and woven pp

Woven PP is formed by pressing long strings of polypropylene molecules (called polymers) together to form a threatening strip. It is then made by weaving these fabrics like other fabrics.

Nonwoven PP is made of polypropylene polymer, which is spun into fluffy long thread, such as cotton candy, by heating and air. These threads are then pressed together between hot rollers to produce a soft but strong fabric similar to canvas.

Specification of YABAO dot nonwoven pp

1. The composition – absolutely is 100% PP raw material, with stable homogeneity and sufficient weight.
2. Weight – is around 8gsm to 260gsm, moverover width is about 10cm to 320cm.
3. Packed in rolls – with 2 “or 3” inner diameter core inside and polyethylene bag outside, for 20GP or 40HC.
4. Uses – referring to shopping bags, tablecloths, computer packaging materials, filtering materials, etc.

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