The characteristics of China non woven bag making machine

11月 11, 2022 | ニュース

China non woven bag making machine is suitable for non-woven fabric, can process a variety of different specifications, different shapes of non-woven bags, horse bags, handbags, leather bags, 等, in recent years, the new industry bags also non-woven fruit bags, plastic basket bags, grape bags, apple bags and so on.

Processing principle of China non-woven bag making machine:

The non-woven cloth bag making machine is brought into the hopper above the packaging machine by the feeding machine during the actual period, and the imported speed is controlled by the photoelectric positioning device. The rolled sealing paper (or other packaging material) is introduced into the lapel molding device through the guide roller, which is bent and then connected to the cylinder by the longitudinal seal, and the material is automatically measured and filled into the bag made. The horizontal sealing device pulls the bag tube down intermittent while carrying out the hot sealing cutting, and finally forms a flat bag with three sides of the lap longitudinal seam, and completes the sealing of a bag.

Characteristics of China non-woven bag making machine:

Ultrasonic welding is used to avoid the trouble of changing needle and thread frequently, there is no broken joint of traditional thread suture, and the textile can be cut and sealed neatly. 同時に, suture also plays the role of decoration, strong adhesion, can achieve waterproof effect, clear embossing, the surface has more three-dimensional relief effect, the working speed product effect is better and more high-grade beautiful; the quality is guaranteed.

Processing range of China non-woven bag making machine:

The processing range of non-woven fabric bag making machine is all kinds of plastic or other materials with different sizes, thick and thin specifications, generally speaking, plastic bags are the main products. もちろん, the main part of the non-woven bag making machine is the textile based products. Not only the production of non-woven bag-making machine, but also the production of a variety of bag-making machines.

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