Say Hello to Nonwoven PP Fabric Tablecloths

Jun 16, 2023 | News

For stylish yet practical tablecloths that are easy to clean and use, nonwoven polypropylene fabric tablecloths are a great option. These types of tablecloths are made from 100% polypropylene fibers that are thermally or mechanically bonded into sheets rather than woven or knitted. Here are some key things to know about nonwoven PP fabric tablecloths:

PP Fabric

Easy To Clean

One of the biggest benefits of nonwoven polypropylene fabric tablecloths is how easy they are to clean. The tightly bonded PP fibers are resistant to liquid absorption, so spills and stains usually remain on the surface of the fabric instead of being absorbed.

This means that tablecloth stains can often be removed with a quick wipe of a damp cloth. Nonwoven PP fabric tablecloths can also be machine washed in cold water and tumble dried on low heat without shrinking or losing shape.

High Durability

Since nonwoven polypropylene fabric is made from thermally fused fibers rather than woven yarns, it has a more durable construction that is resistant to abrasion, tearing and punctures. The tightly-bonded PP fibers make nonwoven fabric sturdier and longer-lasting than woven or knitted alternatives.

This durability makes nonwoven polypropylene fabric tablecloths a good choice for households with children and active pets that tend to be harder on tablecloths.

Chemical Resistance

Polypropylene fibers are very resistant to most household chemicals due to their non-polar nature. This means that nonwoven PP fabric tablecloths are impervious to chlorine bleach and other cleaning solutions, making them easy to disinfect for sanitary reasons.

The chemical resistance of polypropylene fibers also helps nonwoven PP tablecloths withstand accidental spills of mild acids, alkalis and common stains like wine, coffee and ketchup. However, they are not inherently fade resistant and strong solvents can still damage the fibers.

Available In Variety Of Styles And Finishes

Nonwoven polypropylene fabric tablecloths come in a wide range of styles to suit any decor. Options include:

• Plain and textured weaves
• Stripes and geometric patterns
• Embossed surfaces
• Colored and printed designs
• Heavily quilted styles
• Self-adhesive backed tablecloths

Many nonwoven PP tablecloths also feature a microsuede or brushed finish on one side for a softer and more textured surface. You can find nonwoven polypropylene fabric cloths in a wide variety of sizes from small round tablecloths to extra-long rectangular or picnic table options.

Affordably Priced

Since polypropylene fibers and nonwoven PP fabric manufacturing are economical, these types of tablecloths tend to be very attractively priced compared to their durability and performance. They provide great value for the money as long-lasting, practical and versatile table covering options.