Nonwoven Fabric Bags: An Earth-Friendly Alternative

Jun 21, 2023 | News

Plastic bags have come under scrutiny for harming the environment, prompting a rise in alternative options like nonwoven fabric bags. Nonwoven fabric bags are made from polypropylene, a type of plastic, but are largely biodegradable and recyclable compared to traditional plastic bags. Here are the key details:

Embossed Bag Nonwoven Fabric

What are nonwoven fabric bags?

Nonwoven fabric bags are shopping bags made from polypropylene nonwoven fabrics – sheets of entangled polypropylene fibers bonded together using techniques like meltblowing, spunbonding or spunlacing. They are usually transparent and lightweight, resembling typical plastic shopping bags in appearance.

But the key difference is that polypropylene nonwovens are manufactured to be biodegradable and recyclable. As the fibers are notchemically linked, the bonds can eventually break down when disposed of properly.

Benefits of nonwoven fabric bags

• Eco-friendly – Compared to conventional plastic bags, polypropylene nonwoven bags:

  1. Are largely biodegradable. They can break down within 1 to 3 years when disposed with organic waste.
  2. Are recyclable at facilities that accept plastic #5 such as grocery stores.
  3. Release less microplastics into the environment.

• Lightweight and durable – Nonwoven fabric bags are made from strong yet lightweight polypropylene fibers. Though not as durable as regular plastic bags, they can still withstand moderate use.

• Affordable – Polypropylene nonwoven fabric bag can be produced in high volumes using automated, high-speed processes, keeping costs low.

• Like plastic bags – They are transparent and retain the shape and flexibility of traditional plastic bags, making them a good drop-in replacement.

Drawbacks of nonwoven fabric bag

• Not fully biodegradable – Some recycled or virgin polypropylene resins still require anaerobic or industrial composting which is not widely available.

• Not as durable – Being nonwoven, the bags lack the full durability of tightly woven plastic bags.