Finding The Right PP Nonwoven Fabric Roll Supplier

Jun 21, 2023 | News

As a supplier of PP nonwoven fabric rolls, it’s important to partner with a reputable and reliable non woven bag supplier. Polypropylene (PP) nonwoven rolls are widely used by bag manufacturers for various types of bags from shopping bags to garbage bags. A good PP nonwoven roll supplier can ensure consistency in quality, supply and service.

Embossed Nonwoven Fabric

When choosing a PP nonwoven fabric roll supplier, consider the following factors:

Material grades – Ensure the supplier offers a wide selection of PP resin grades to suit your application. Food-grade PP may be needed for food packaging bags while compostable grades are suitable for degradable bags.

Fabric properties – Compare the range of properties available, like basis weight, tensile strength, elongation and tear resistance. This determines the performance of the final bags.

Manufacturing methods – Suppliers using multiple methods like spunbond, meltblown and spunlace can provide fabrics with different characteristics to meet varied requirements.

Roll specifications – Check that rolls are available in dimensions that match your bag production line, with balanced unwind and winding tensions to minimize waste.

Consistent quality – A reputable supplier will have stringent quality control processes and certifications to ensure consistency in fabric quality and minimize defects and variations.

Reliable lead times – The supplier should demonstrate an ability to maintain promised lead times for order fulfillment. Consistent supply is critical for bag production planning.

Prices and MOQs – Understand if the supplier has competitive prices and reasonable minimum order quantities that work for your business.

Service and support – The supplier’s customer service, technical support, and responsiveness to issues are important for a smooth partnership.

Certifications – Look for suppliers with relevant certifications like ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 for environmental management. This assures their commitment and capabilities.

Reputation – Check online reviews, industry standing and how long the supplier has been in business to gauge their reliability and experience.

Overivew of PP nonwoven fabric roll

By evaluating potential PP nonwoven fabric roll suppliers based on these factors, you can select a partner that best meets your requirements as a non woven bag supplier and supports the success of your business. A reputable supplier with the right offering and service approach can be a strategic advantage.